Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas parade and visit with Santa

Waiting for the parade to begin
Marine Corp march

I love small town parades

Our school

Hanging out

Polar Express and pizza later that night

Jack asked Santa how much money he had, I was a little embarassed!

Claire was not a fan of Santa, he had to sneak behind the chair so I could take a picture, she would have no part of his lap!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving in Kentucky

Thanksgiving monopoly
Jack and Finn

Jack has so many cousins to play with on Thanksgiving, here he is with Connor and Carter

Chris, Claire and Caroline admire the beautiful horses

Beautiful farm

Uncle Jake takes everyone on a hayride

These motorized trucks are always popular with the kids, Claire was not quite ready to drive this year

Going on a hayride with cousins Connor and Lewis

Exhausted after a long day of playing

Tons of delicious food

Coloring on Thanksgiving day

My new niece and latest addition to the Sandlin family, Isabel Margaret, she is a beautiful baby!

Breakfast in grandmom's new beautiful kitchen . We had so much fun staying with everyone at Bob and Joy's newly renovated home in Kentucky. My mother in law is always the best host.

Claire and Virginia play, I don't know why Claire has a pacifier in her mouth, it did not belong to her!

The girls were so cute together

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Disney Trip

Jack's dream came true when he got chosen for Jedi training at Hollywood Studios
Watch him battle Darth Vader!

Animal Kingdom

The girls

Catching a ride to the park

Something about walking into the Magic Kingdom, the castle is amazing

Pose Caroline!

Claire was terrified on the carousel, I thought it was funny

She came around

Waiting for daddy riding space mountain, too young for that yet

The castle that night

Still going strong for the fireworks show

Nothing like end of the day souveniers

My little Minnie

Okinawa Girls Weekend 2009

The girls got together in Virginia Beach this year to celebrate Amy's new arrival coming in February! We all met in Okinawa and have stayed close, trying to get together atleast once a year. I think it was a weekend none of us will forget!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Carving pumpkins, Chris even got out his dental tools for his...
Finished...Chris did the ghost and Caroline did the skeleton, pretty impressive!

All dressed up!

Getting ready to go..

My little tiger girl

Obi Wan Kenobi

The banana, this had to get the best costume award this year, she got so many comments

Trick or treating at our neighbor's house