Saturday, July 14, 2012


 Such a big boy riding with his big sis

 15 months and taking the world by storm! This boy is into everything, he loves to climb, his favorite thing to do is to stand on top of the kitchen table. He loves to make very loud noises while pulling everything out of anything he possibly can! He is the most affectionate baby I have ever had, loves to hug and give open mouth kisses. He is already learning how to get a rise out of Claire by taking things from her and running as fast as he can.

July 4th weekend

 We have made a tradition of doing the 4th of July in Etowah, running the Independence Dash then hitting the pancake breakfast, making our rounds at the depot and going tubing down the Hiwassee. 

 Taking a break
 Waiting for our ride
I did this same thing growing up, it is so neat to bring my kids now

Claire turns 5!

 Opening Ham from Toy Story, she is close to having the entire collection!
 My Claire bear turned 5 on June 12. She is growing up and starting school in the fall. She is such a precious and unique child, words cannot describe how much joy this girl brings me!  She is still painfully shy but once she opens up you better watch out!  Forget princesses and dolls, she loves lizards and cheetahs more than anything. Her greatest wish is to have "sticky fingers and sticky toes" so she can climb walls and trees.
 Movie date with Will and Annie to celebrate!
 Birthday loot!
 She asked for an umbrella for her birthday..pretty easy
Claire is such a fish, she loves to swim.  She is pretty amazing in the water and we were off to try her new snorkel gear as soon as she opened it. I'm thinking we may have a swimmer one our hands in the future!