Sunday, March 25, 2012

Annual Twilight Run 2012

Beaufort Twilight Run and Oyster Roast, a fundraiser for our kid's school, Riverview Charter School. We look forward to this event every year.
Jack waiting to start the 5k.
Caroline and her besties before the race
Jack and his buddy Austin
I ran the 8k this year in just under 42 minutes, I was very proud of myself! Claire was signed up for the fun run...she was very excited to wear her medal
Brady relaxing and taking it all in

Monday, March 19, 2012


Claire with Henry at the dock
with Henry on the bridge
in a tree

Yay for Henry!
Henry in a bird bath!
Henry with baby brother!

Claire got to bring Henry home from her prek class which apparently is a big honor. She was very excited to take pictures with him and write a story about his weekend with her.

Brady's birthday weekend!

Brady turned 1 on March 18. To celebrate, we spent a day at the beach and then home to grill steaks and have cupcakes! Brady loved the beach and walked around exploring everything(he started walking a couple of weeks ago).
What is this? Of course he loved it and ate every bite(and so it begins...)
He got a ball popper which he loved(so did a certain sister)..

Brady in his new outfit from grandmom!
Ready to get our beach on!
Not so sure when his sibling buried him!
It really was the perfect day, the kids were all excited and played together all afternoon, the weather was great, Brady loved the beach and lasted the entire afternoon with no nap just as content and happy as he could be! We are blessed with our beautiful baby boy, life is good!

Dance Competition

Caroline had her first dance competition in Statesboro, GA in March. We made a girl's weekend out of it only taking Claire with us and leaving the boys at home in Beaufort. We had fun eating out and staying in a hotel, Claire enjoyed watching all of the dance numbers but is not so sure she wants to follow in her sister's footsteps! Caroline was in two numbers winning first place for their lyrical routine. Caroline did amazing, I cried watching her up there, she is growing up so fast!