Saturday, April 28, 2012

Easter fun!

 Preschool egg hunt!
 I love this picture of Claire's excited little face at our church egg hunt.
 All Brady wanted to do was eat the eggs..
This may be Jack's last year hunting eggs, he was almost too cool for it this year but jumped in there at the last minute.  Of course both of my older ones don't have a problem hunting eggs at home on Easter and would be devasted if the "easter bunny" did not visit!

Spring Break!

 SeaWorld Aquatica! We drove down to Orlando to enjoy a few days in the sun..
 Waterpark heaven..
 Shamu's show at SeaWorld!
Medieval Times dinner show.  The older three and their dad had a blast, not so much for me and the Brady...I looked assaulted when we left, food all over my clothes, hair messed up, shirt stretched from little hands constantly pulling at me. I can laugh about it, this stage will pass...and he is so adorable it is not even funny!

Caroline turns 12!

 First mani/pedi for our Claire Bear! The girls and I treated ourselves on Caroline's day. She turned 12 on April 3rd.
 Love how they provided the paper towel package to help. Claire was a little suspicious of the whole pedicure thing, she came around however.
 The Hyams' boys were with us to celebrate!
 She has officially outgrown her mother by 1/2 inch(so far), can't wait to see how much further she will go!
Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hyams' boys visit!

 Keith and his boys came to Beaufort for 3 days over spring break.
 Dolphin Cruise
 Carter with the girls at Hunting Island Beach
Jack and Connor with their dead jelly fish that provided hours of entertainment