Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snow tubing trip to Liberty Mountain

We took the kids to Liberty Mountain in Pennsylvania for a snow tubing trip today. Caroline and her friends had a blast and Jack was done after two runs!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Claire at 20 months

We can't believe our Claire bear is 20 months old. We are all so crazy about her...she has been such a blessing. She loves to dress up in her brother's super hero outfits and is obsessed with shoes like most toddlers are(why is that anyway?). She loves to eat, run around outside and dance to music. She is starting to talk and knows what we are saying to her. She now says mama, dada, jaaa(Jack), nienie(Caroline), nose, ba ba(milk bottle), eye, ow, bye, hi, ni ni(night night), pease(please), yes, no, and baby(her giraffe).

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I found the girls in Caroline's bedroom last night with sponge rollers in their hair. Caroline had worked so hard to keep Claire still in order to place these rollers in her very fine hair! I thought it was so funny when Caroline said, "Look mom I'm doing to Claire what Aunt Amy does to baby Virginia's hair everynight". Our darling Virginia has natural curls but I thought it was hilarious the image of my sister in law rolling her 23 month olds hair every night. My kids don't know there is any existence of natural curls! Not in this family anyway!

Birthday Weekend

Much to my dismay, I have no pictures to show of my wonderful birthday weekend. I spent an entire day shopping(with no children) at the Leesburg Outlets with all three of my sister-in-law's. It was so much fun walking, talking, shopping, eating and having some interesting conversations that would make you blush! Afterwards, everyone came back to my house for dinner together. We were excited to have Chris' brother, Kevin, who showed up unexpectantly from Iraq on Friday night. We are so glad he made it home from his deployment safely! Amy and Steph spent the night and we had a leisurely morning sitting around talking and drinking coffee until around noon. I could not ask for a better birthday weekend, thanks you guys!