Saturday, June 25, 2011


I got this for Claire for Christmas when she was 6 months old, Brady is loving it at 3 months!

Friday, June 24, 2011

summer highlights

Caroline and Jack just finished a week of British soccer camp. I was a little worried how they would do outside in the brutal 100 degree heat but they loved it. All week, they have done camp all morning then home for lunch and the afternoon has been spent at the pool. Needless to say they have been exhausted at night. Brady has been taking his naps in the shade with the pack and play. Good week

Claire is a little fish in the water and loves going to the pool. She just started swimming within a week of taking her float off. She started with a doggie paddle and has now progressed to swimming underwater across the pool, amazing. She just started two weeks of private swim lessons everyday for 30 minutes.

Caroline got her ears pierced! She and two of her friends(the last 3 in the 5th grade without their ears pierced she liked to remind me) got together for a birthday and did this.

Caroline pitching in her last softball game of the season

Friday, June 17, 2011

Brady at 12 wks

Getting tired in the jumperoo..
Brady just turned 3 months, yay! The first 6 weeks were quite difficult, he was not the most content of my 4 babies... Now, however, he is smiling and laughing which melts my heart to say the least. He has settled in and now will sit in his chair and hang out on his mat for periods of time which makes life easier! He still is not the best at going out to dinner but we will get there! I'm just in love with him and I love to just sit and cuddle and kiss on him.

Ready for church, check out that awesome double chin

Bumbo! He often sits here and watches me cook

Loving the jumperoo, I think its time to bring out the exersaucer

Golf Camp

Jack did a week of golf camp at the Legends Golf Course on Parris Island. He was up out of bed excited every morning at must really love it to get up that early in the summer! The first day he was practicing his swing in the living room before we left.

On our way the first day

Jack and one of his best friends Jack on the right, they were in the same class this year and are neighbors now since we moved.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Claire turns 4!

Claire turned 4 on June 12, no longer my baby! Yes, I consider all of my children babies until the age of 4! We had a pool party to celebrate with 4 friends. The weather was perfect and Claire had so much fun, we could not have asked for a better day. I can't believe how fast these 4 years have flown. We are so blessed to have our sweet, shy, demure, easy and might I say beautiful(look at those features!)Claire bear! Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

Helping to ice her cupcakes for the party

I think she ate more icing than she actually put on, yummy

Jack gave Claire his bike(which he has outgrown) for her birthday complete with a girly basket, ribbons and training wheels!

My girls

Brady hung out in the pack and play or by anyone who wanted to hold him, thanks to Corey who could not get enough of him!

Summer time fun

Claire had a great time

These huge sunglasses I gave out were a hit

Make a wish

Pool party

Opening presents later that day with help from Jack of course

Friday, June 10, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Brady and Bradley! Brady will be up and chasing after her before we know it!

We were so excited to have family visit over Memorial Day weekend this year. We have been waiting for the Barrell fam for awhile now! Their new baby Bradley is so adorable and such a sweetheart. We spend a perfect afternoon at Hunting Island beach(wish I took my camera), a couple of relaxing days at the pool and made it out for a carriage ride and dinner one night. Kevin and Tiffany also stopped by for a night with Morgan and Matthew!

Claire was so sweet with Bradley although it took her awhile to warm up to her. I think she was actually scared of her at first. Bradley, on the other hand, was such a happy thing!

Morgan and Jack always hit it off

Claire was thrilled to have a "sleepover" with Matthew

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Caroline turns 11!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl, the years are flying by too fast..
Caroline turned 11 on April 3rd. Due to the move and the birth of Brady we celebrated a month later. It was worth it because her dad took her and two friends to Carowinds, an amusement park in Charlotte, NC. They had a blast and closed the park that night.

Watch out Carowinds!

Getting ready to ride, oh the anticipation..

Love this picture