Friday, June 10, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Brady and Bradley! Brady will be up and chasing after her before we know it!

We were so excited to have family visit over Memorial Day weekend this year. We have been waiting for the Barrell fam for awhile now! Their new baby Bradley is so adorable and such a sweetheart. We spend a perfect afternoon at Hunting Island beach(wish I took my camera), a couple of relaxing days at the pool and made it out for a carriage ride and dinner one night. Kevin and Tiffany also stopped by for a night with Morgan and Matthew!

Claire was so sweet with Bradley although it took her awhile to warm up to her. I think she was actually scared of her at first. Bradley, on the other hand, was such a happy thing!

Morgan and Jack always hit it off

Claire was thrilled to have a "sleepover" with Matthew

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