Friday, June 24, 2011

summer highlights

Caroline and Jack just finished a week of British soccer camp. I was a little worried how they would do outside in the brutal 100 degree heat but they loved it. All week, they have done camp all morning then home for lunch and the afternoon has been spent at the pool. Needless to say they have been exhausted at night. Brady has been taking his naps in the shade with the pack and play. Good week

Claire is a little fish in the water and loves going to the pool. She just started swimming within a week of taking her float off. She started with a doggie paddle and has now progressed to swimming underwater across the pool, amazing. She just started two weeks of private swim lessons everyday for 30 minutes.

Caroline got her ears pierced! She and two of her friends(the last 3 in the 5th grade without their ears pierced she liked to remind me) got together for a birthday and did this.

Caroline pitching in her last softball game of the season

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