Sunday, August 30, 2009

July 4th

Sparker fun!
We did some fireworks in Nana's yard. Check out Brandi in the background running after Parker in those heels!

Hanging out at the 4th of July celebration at the Etowah Depot.

Claire loved pushing Parker in the her stroller.

The kids love to ride with their Aunt Brandi in her cool convertible!

July 4th picture, all dressed for the day in red, white and blue

We had so much fun with Brandi and Parker who came to mom's house to stay with us for July 4th weekend! It was great to see them and spend time together.

Friday, August 28, 2009

TN visit

The kids take a rest on the hammock at my mom's cabin on the Hiwassee river.
Wade and Jimmike take the kids on a canoe ride.

It was great to see my nephew Wade who was on leave from Iraq.
I'm not too sure about this...

Jack and Caroline spent hours playing in the creek behind my mom's cabin, the same place I grew up playing...

Charlottesville visit

In June we went to Charlottesville for a couple of days to visit Amy, Finn and Virginia. The kids had a blast in the new sandbox(Amy built it herself!), swimming and playing on the swings. Thanks for having us Thompson family!

Safari Park

On our way to TN from DC this summer, we spontaneously decided to stop at the Va Safari Park. It had to be one of the highlights of the summer except for poor Claire!

I had to close my window, the animals were not scared to get in the car with you!

Claire was terrified to say the least!

I don't think we have all laughed this hard in a long time. I recommend this little adventure to everyone, it is hysterical!