Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brady at 6 weeks


Easter was the first time I returned to church after having Brady. It took me almost 6 weeks, I think I went back when Claire was only two weeks if that. A stressful move on top of a 4th child made things a little big more difficult this time! We were settled in enough however to enjoy a good egg hunt at our new home. Here the kids are Easter morning with their goodies. Those are two dollar Easter baskets from walmart, I could not find their monogrammed easter baskets from pottery barn among all the boxes. Of course Jack and Caroline could not stop talking about how much more they liked these baskets than the others, go figure.

Helping little sis look for eggs. Claire got to go first in her own "easy" section of the yard

The older two got the back yard, some of those eggs had dollar bills which really excited them

Sweet Claire

Not a great pic of Claire but the best one I got of them dressed up for church

Number 4 hanging in the car seat

New Home

We moved across town when Brady was 1 week old, not the best time to do such a thing! We love our new neighborhood however and the views from our house are amazing..