Thursday, July 21, 2011

TN trip

Brady and I right before we left for our TN road trip this year. We go back to my mom's in TN every year for the 4th of July.

It has become a tradition to spend a night with Keith and Lauren in Atlanta on our way every summer. Here is a pic of Connor and Jack who are always excited to see each other. The Hyams' family are the best hosts to us every year and are finally coming to Beaufort for a visit so we can do the same for them!

The petting zoo at the downtown festival on the 4th

Claire was excited to ride the pony with the "pink leash", she adores animals of all kinds

Happy 4th of July!

Fireworks at Nana's house

Helping the little one, this year she was all about the fireworks

Ready to zipline in the smokies

Dinner at Calhoun's in Pigeon Forge with family. We always go to Pigeon for a couple of days to entertain the kids. This year we met my Uncle Jerry, Aunt Kay, Marla and Holly which was lots of fun

Mini golf

Goofing off at the hotel

My family

Check out those pink cowboy boots Claire had to have!

Firehouse golf

Watching the big kids ride go karts, you will be there before we know it buddy!

We spent a couple of days down at the river, Claire is devastated in this pic because her sister would not let her paddle

Chris getting the kids ready to canoe the river, they play every year for hours in our canoe down at our cabin on the Hiwassee

Playing in the creek

Camping and roasting hotdogs

Target shooting

A quick trip to spend a night with my college buddies is always a blast

Brady at 4 months playing on the floor at my mom's house, I'll take slobber over spit up any day!

Oldest and youngest playing around

Annual porch party at my mom's house with my hometown buds!

I wrapped the trip up with my 20 year high school reunion with my long time BFF Brandi!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Jack's week

Caroline left for summer camp this week so I let Jack plan our "week of fun". We started out with a day at Chuck E Cheese in Savannah followed by a stop at Target for a new bike(early birthday present).

Chuck E Cheese is must on occasion for all moms no matter how much we dread it. I actually don't mind going unlike most moms I know, well actually I don't know any that like it.

Brady walked around with me in the sling, he seemed to really enjoy himself. It was like a big mobile for him with lots of lights and noise.

The next day was spent at the yacht and sailing club in Beaufort with friends. Jack loves it here because of the diving boards.

The third day was haircuts(my idea) and Cars 2. Jack took this random photo of me in the parking lot. This is how Brady and I roll, everywhere we go he is in one of my slings. I was never a "sling mom" before but now I can't go anywhere without them. He did okay during his first movie, I actually got him to nap on my chest.

Waiting for Caroline to come home at the church.

Caroline and her friend Phoebe back from camp. Caroline spent the week in Macon, GA at Passport Kids camp through our church. This is her third year going away for a week every summer.

Aaaw, how sweet is this! Claire really missed her Nienie!