Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Break

Caroline's favorite thing to do at Great Wolf Lodge, look at her go...Leaving Great Wolf Lodge..
All three can ride together

The boys riding the bumper cars

The girls riding the airplanes

The carousel

Goofing off

Claire's wildest dreams come true..

The girls with Aunt Steph

Ready to go to Busch Gardens

We decided to make a quick trip to Va for fall break. We made our yearly visit to the Busch Gardens Hallowscream event. The crowd was minimal and the weather was great. They have opened Elmo Land which Claire loved. She kept talking about "Elmo's house" all day. That night the park came alive with haunted houses and monsters who would jump out and scare the kids. Caroline was giddy with excitement over the scares, Jack not so much! We also surprised the kids with a night at Great Wolf Lodge. Since Va schools don't have a fall break, there was hardly anyone there. It was great, Jack and Caroline rode the waterslides over and over, no lines at all. Chris also seemed to enjoy the slides as much as they did! We also spent two nights with Steph and Frank, it was great to hang out with them, thanks so much for being such great hosts to us! We can't wait to have them visit Beaufort and pamper them. We were able to steal a peek at the new Thompson baby girl who is perfect and healthy and see Bob and Joy for a quick lunch as well!

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