Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day and Birthday

Happy Valentine's Day and my birthday! This year, Chris hired a sitter the Saturday before and we spent the day downtown shopping, eating lunch and ending with a great movie. It was perfect. For Valentine's Day, Chris and the kids made dinner for me at home which was very nice. I took no part in this especially in the clean up which was awesome.
Claire really got into making her valentine cards for preschool. She put stickers on all the cards, signed her name and carefully placed the pencil(Toy Story theme of course). She
is currently going through a polka dot obsession and wants to wear them daily!

The older two worked diligently on their valentine cards and boxes as well.

Claire on her third Valentine's Day! She is getting so big!

Chris made my absolutely favorite meal, Steak Au Poivre. It's a filet seared in butter, broiled and served with a green peppercorn cream sauce and cognac reduction-YUM. This is from one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Beaufort, Emily's. It was dead on and delicious! Check out the fancy paper towel place setting that Jack did when he set the table.

The kids were responsible for dessert, cupcakes with pink icing and ice cream! They
were very proud!

Me on my 38th bday 35 weeks prego with a huge tummy and double chin! I'm getting a little slow and lazy these days... Claire took this picture by the way

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