Saturday, January 10, 2009

My girls

Today we spent the afternoon at the mall while Jack attended a "Build A Bear" birthday party and Chris stayed home locked in his office trying to get a project finished. I was reminded as I hung out with my girls how lucky I am to have them. Don't get me wrong, I love that boy of mine more than ever and often think of maybe trying to have another just like I crazy, maybe... but watching my girls together, one a mature 8 yr old and the other a curious, exploring everything 19 mo old, I am so thrilled that they have each other. I'm so excited to have these little companions and to just watch them interact with each other. Caroline is so good with her, I swear if she was not just 8, I would trust her to babysit in a minute! Claire is so much like her sister, very independent with her own agenda, minus the hitting(Caroline was a bit aggressive as a toddler, we won't go into that,ha). Caroline has told me on many occasions how happy she is to have Claire, she has added "even though sometimes she can be inconvenient mom but I wouldn't trade her"!


Owings Family said...

What sweet girls!

Amy Griffin said...

How sweet. Sometimes I think it would have been so great to have a sister!