Sunday, January 4, 2009

Visit from the Sandlin family!

We enjoyed a visit from granddad, grandmom and cousins; Hope, Phoebe and Chris for a few days after Christmas. We went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum which Chris loved and also granddad(let's not forget he is a former Navy jet f-14 pilot)! The kids seemed to enjoy themselves especially when they got a chance to ride the simulators. Jack loved to have his 13 year old cousin Chris to visit. Chris graciously hung out with a 5 year old and helped him with his new lego batmobile from Santa. Caroline and Hope were in their own little world as usual. They have such a special bond together. Caroline was also thrilled to have Phoebe who was so polite and insightful. The kids had a blast playing on the new ping pong table(gift from Santa) and Wii(gift from Nana). We enjoyed them so much and hope to have them this summer. It was also wonderful to have grandmom and granddad here from Kentucky. We enjoyed the blokus and dominoes on New Year's Eve!

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oceansmiles said...

Thank you so much- the kids had a GREAT time!