Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beaufort Twilight Run and Oyster Roast

And she's out
I want to run too

Waiting to start the race, I love how Jack is stretching

Beautiful day to run in the low country!

I did not take a picture but Governor Sanford(cheater) came and was standing less than 2 feet from us. One of his sons ran the 8k.

Caroline and her friend Sarah getting ready to run

Jack and his teacher, Ms. Jenna.

Riverview(Jack and Caroline's school) had a great fundraiser this weekend. Chris ran the 8k while I got stuck walking the 5k with Jack's kindergarten class! I did have fun even though I would be lying if I said I missed not running. We met Jack's teacher and several other kindergarten families to all walk together. Caroline also ran a fun run with some of her friends.

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