Sunday, March 28, 2010

Caroline's 10th birthday

Opening presents
Happy birthday Caroline, it seems like only yesterday that I made you a bunny cake for your first birthday

Goofing off during the scavenger hunt

Pizza time

Chris decorated the guitar, the icing was supposed to be brown but had a greenish tint to it, no one seemed to mind

I can't believe Caroline is turning 10 on the 3rd! We celebrated by having another slumber party this year with a rock star theme. The girls started with a scavenger hunt, pizza, cake and presents. Afterwards, they made rock star bands, body art and tattoos along with makeovers.
Caroline got Just Dance for the Wii which was also a hit. In their treat bags I put super tacky pink tshirts with guitars on them I found at Walmart, I'm sure all the moms are thanking me for that! The girls seemed to have a great time and got along great, no drama or tears which is always a good thing when it comes to 10 year olds!
I'm so proud of my girl, growing up so fast, she is smart, polite and so good at everything she puts her mind to. I love you Caroline Fentress Sandlin!


Branningan said...

in the one {Goofing off during the scavenger hunt} Carolines wearing the one shirt i love that we got from Hershey park! I miss yall!

Amy Griffin said...

10 YEARS OLD - NOOOOO - It does feel like yesterday with the bunny cake...that is a great job on the guitar cake, by the way. Tell her we said Happy Birthday!

hornefamily said...

I have to agree with Amy. Caroline is 10 years old, I feel so old. WOW. Great party. Hope you all are doing well.