Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Annual holiday ice skating...Claire actually got to skate this year!
Waiting for her turn, she loved it! Chris has to practically hold her up when skating so they had to take alot of breaks.

Jack ready to hit the ice

Caroline is a natural, no surprise. Everyone got to skate this year except me, Chris was afraid someone would run into me and knock me down!

Working hard on cookies for Santa..

Christmas Eve morning

Trying to get a decent Christmas picture, of course Claire was in no mood

All three kids were in a Christmas pageant at church this year on Christmas Eve. Claire was an angel, Jack sang in the choir and Caroline was a narrator.

Claire did not know what to think about it

Caroline in her role

Jack is not a big fan of singing but he hung in there and did a great job

The kids get to open one present on Christmas Eve from Nana. I love these priceless reactions to her gift, an ipod touch for both.

Nana always scores big!

Helping little sister open a present.

Christmas galore! The green jeep was from Nana to Claire.

Opening gifts Christmas morning

Claire's favorite gift, roller skates.

Caroline practicing her ripstick

Everyone trying out the new goods on Christmas day

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