Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Thanksgiving in Kentucky

A little drama and a broken leg made Thanksgiving one to remember this year! Here we are attempting a family pic for Joy's Christmas card..
Another attempt in Aunt Glenda's carriage house

The kids hanging out

Barrell family with their new perfect baby girl, Bradley Joy.

The girls goofing off at the Grand Ole Opry where we saw the Rockettes perform, had dinner and saw the lights at the Opryland Hotel. Great night with the girls..

Tiffany and Kevin + 7

The whole Sandlin family minus the Thompsons...and Bob who was taking the pic

Having fun on the golf cart with Matthew. This is one of the kids favorite things to do in KY.

Claire's new look, we have been experimenting with many different headbands since
the fiasco

The girls on Aunt Glenda's farm

Making Jack pose for a pic

It snowed the Friday after Thanksgiving!

Grandmom with her latest grandchild making her number 14 I think!

Claire on Thanksgiving day, weather was a little dreary but it did not stop the kids from playing outside

Sweet picture of great grandmother Sandlin with baby Bradley

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