Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bad Haircut!

So this is how this went down...Caroline was playing hair salon with her friend one Saturday afternoon with some old barbie dolls and such. This was fine with me as long as the girls put the scissors away afterwards. Claire was in and out of her room, I'm sure observing what was going on. Later in the evening was bath time, afterwards I told Claire she could go upstairs and see Jack and Alex, his friend who was staying the night, for 10 minutes before it was time to read books. I called for her and she appeared at the top of the stairs, at first I thought, "her hair looks slicked back, did she get into some lotion or something of Caroline's?", then as she got closer, "I think she has cut the side of her hair off", then "OMG". The top of her hair was gone as well as the side, cut all the way down to the scalp! Also, it is important to note, that both Jack and his friend were in the same room and totally oblivious to what was going on, this is 7 year old boys for you. At first you can't process, and your emotions don't know whether to laugh or cry. Later, it was tears for awhile, I don't know who was more upset between me and Caroline! Now, I have to laugh it off and just wait for it to grow. I did take her to the salon and they said it was the worst they had ever seen! The good news is that I found some cute head bands that cover the major damage, I'll post pics of her new look later!

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