Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chris turns the big 40!

Happy Birthday!

The Richard Petty Driving School, suited up and ready

there he goes

Waiting for his turn

Watching Daddy

Playing with Brady at the driving certificate ceremony

We never thought Caroline would get a ride along..she was super excited

Water slides with daddy! Claire went down all but one waterslide.
A little too small for the water park yet!

Having a blast at the water park

This attempt at a family picture cracks me up, Claire is devastated because Chris sat on her hand, Brady is looking at Caroline like she is crazy and Jack is making a goofy face

Chris turned 40 on August 5 and we surprised him at his birthday dinner with tickets to drive a NASCAR at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was between this, sky diving and a watch. Since he has already sky dived and my father in law reminded me that everytime he looked at the watch, he would think of being 40, I went with NASCAR! The weekend was awesome with an added bonus of a stay at the Great Wolf Lodge which was only a couple of miles from the speedway. The Richard Petty Driving School was so family friendly, we got to participate in the driving school and Caroline even got a ride along herself. To see Chris giddy with excitement was such a thrill for me and so worth it!

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