Monday, September 26, 2011

Jack's 8th Birthday Camping Trip

Happy Birthday Jack!

We had two friends over from school to eat cake and ice cream on his actual birthday and of course to open presents

Goofing off at the campground. Jack chose to go camping this year again for his birthday, this year we went to Hunting Island Beach to camp.

Having a blast at the beach

It was nice being walking distance from our campsite to the beach

Wake up sunshine

Roasting hotdogs

Hanging out

Now whoever said you cannot take a baby camping! Look closely and you will see Brady snoozing away in his pack and play!

We took Jack's best friend, Alex, camping with us like last year. He is like one of our own!

I overheard Jack telling Alex, "I have to come back and visit you when I move because you are the best friend I have ever had".

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